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Bespoke Development

In2Network provides bespoke, customised software development for its clients in different industries. Whether our clients require new features in existing applications, or require a new software program developed, our team of skilled developers, designers, and testers are capable to carry out software development in the web, mobile, and hardware domain as well.

When it comes to software development, our team uses the best software practises of today in an agile environment to ensure the timely delivery of deliverables, and a viable product. At In2Networks our developers view software development as an art, and when it comes to solving problems presented by our clients, they approach complex problems by solving them with innovative and creative solutions.

Throughout the development pipeline, in2Networks development team ensures that our clients are included in the feedback chain regarding updates of the end product, and ensuring that we’re building the right product. Furthermore, we start the software development process from proof of concept to creating a tangible end product, with the channel for feedback always open.

Creating bespoke applications in the mobile and web domain is one of In2Network’s specialities and we have a talented pool of developers skilled in different programming frameworks and languages to create applications that are compatible with different operating systems.

You can rely on In2Network for software development services that range from creating new applications to revamp existing software modules or adding new features. To know more about software stack and development practises contact out team today.

AI and Blockchain

Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain have completely changed the demands of software development by companies. With the advent of data centric applications, companies are relying more and more on creating application that are infused with the best Artificial intelligence algorithms and the blockchain infrastructure.

However, there is a huge gap when it comes to finding AI/ML, and blockchain developers that not only understand the value behind the incorporating AI into a service or product, but are able to execute it seamlessly. In2Network has a capable team of expert AI and Blockchain developers that have delivered transformative products for businesses.

AI has allowed businesses to take data analysis and prediction to another level, many major companies now employ AI in their products and services, and refine the product development lifecycle based on the feedback from the data gathered. Similarly, blockchain has founds it use in a multiple of industries other than cryptocurrency, such as Health, Governance, Banking, Education and more.

Blockchain adds an extra layer of security, privacy and transparency regarding online transactions and information stored. However, blockchain will revolutionise the way consumers and companies interact with applications where an exchange of data happens. As such, companies are taking a step forward to adapt blockchain into their products and services to refine the consumer experience.

As such, In2Network can help usher you into this new era of technology and software development by using AI and Blockchain technology into existing products and services. To know how we use AI and Blockchain for different projects, contact our team to set up a meeting.

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