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“The Microsoft Cloud is the only cloud that helps you build sovereignty over your own data and customer relationships” – Satya Nadella – Microsoft Inspire 2021
Expand and Scale

Managed Services

Managed IT Services allow businesses to outsource the installation, operation, maintenance, and upgrade of their various IT functions. It helps businesses to not only reduce the cost of storing different network equipment, servers, hardware etc in-house, but also reduce the expense of maintaining them.

While Managed IT Services might seem something that big companies would gravitate towards, even new businesses or start-ups can gain many benefits from hiring a third party IT Service provider to support and maintain their IT infrastructure. With the help of a Managed IT Service team, companies don’t have to invest into hiring resources specifically for the maintenance of different IT equipment, or train employees who lack an IT background.


IT Procurement

With the increasing number of outside vendors that companies are working with regarding different IT functions and compliances, it can get hard to keep track of every account. However, with the help of vendor management tools and IT Procurement portals, it is easy to be up to date with your company spending and taking measures to reduce purchasing cost.

However, as the IT turnover rate is increasing as new technologies are being introduced, companies can see an uptick in their purchasing and maintenance costs, that can easily be reduced by outsourcing the operation, installation and maintenance of different IT Services. As such the expense of hiring all these third party vendors and IT Service providers can easily get “lost in translation if you don’t have a tracking tool to use.

Enhanced Networks

Internet Connectivity & Bandwidth

Being connected online is vital for all businesses no matter which industry you belong to. It is no joke how much dependent both businesses and consumers are on a good internet connection. In2Network provides high speed internet connectivity with a flexible bandwidth so that our clients are able to maximise their daily work hours.

We make sure that our clients across Australia get the best internet connectivity and network bandwidth so that their business is not halted anytime during the day, their servers are running smoothly, and equipment operating properly. Along with room for scaling as the company grows.


Management of Installations & Upgrades

One of the main jobs of a Managed IT Service provider is to ensure the proper installation, running and maintenance of hardware components that support various business functions and services. In2Networks is also committed to ensuring the best software installation and upgrade practises are employed for our clients.

Towards your Network we take extra measures to make sure all Network equipment is working properly 24/7. By using the best management and optimisation tools, In2Networks provides seamless, reliable, scalable, and secure network and cloud computing services to our clients in various industries.

Cloud Infrastructure

Provision of Web Hosting on Microsoft Azure

Running a business today means that you’ll most likely be using some variation of cloud services to meet your business needs. And if you’re not, then our post will convince you otherwise. One of the main benefits that has skyrocketed Cloud computing product’s popularity is the cost effective nature of these solutions, and Microsoft Azure stands out among them.

Whether you’re looking to host your website online, provide solutions and services to your clients in an “easy to access” manner, or make sure that your team can collaborate and work together either in person or remotely, Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution. As a powerful tool, Azure provides a huge list of options to companies that need a customised solution for their business needs.


Build, Maintain, Support for PBX Cloud and OnPrem

With the rapid speed at which technology is changing, businesses have been smart enough to see that in order to keep up with growing customer demand, there are ways to cut operational cost by shifting towards the cloud. In2Networks is committed to providing our clients with optimal cloud solutions that meets their business demands starting with a revamp of the PBX system.

Traditional PBX systems are costing companies thousands annually with the upkeep and maintenance. From managing different vendors, ordering parts to fix broken equipment at higher costs from third party sites, to system downtime which impact business goals; traditional PBX systems can’t keep up with an agile workplace.


Network Security and Risk Mitigation

Data breaches and attacks are increasing day by day, forcing companies to rethink their network security protocols and taking steps to reduce risks. There is no denying the consequences of a network attack in terms of the financial hit, the exploitation of an infrastructure’s weakness, and the damage to a company’s reputation.

Fixing these consequences can take a toll on any business, which is why making sure that you have contingency plans already in place can allow for faster risk mitigation and securing sensitive end points. Data breaches and network attacks are happening to big companies all over, and 2020 has a seen an increase in such attacks. However, with the right security checks and protocols in place, the negative consequences of these attacks can be thwarted and reduced.


Remote Help Desk Technical Support

What happens when the software applications and collaboration tools your company is using to increase productivity stop proving to be collaborative? Technology has changed the way solutions are designed and delivered, but that doesn’t mean they are 100% fool proof. In such cases how does a company set up a contingency plan? How can you ensure that a work day is not impacted if your main devices and solutions stop working?

You need a remote help desk technical support team!

Now you may be wondering what that is and how can you establish a help desk team for your company? Well to start off with, a help desk technical support is a group of agents that are trained to provide remote support to your employees. Regardless of your employee’s location, remote help desk agents can technically assist in any matter regarding software applications that are being used or business processes and SOPs.

Flexible and Scalable

Cloud Computing Services

In2Network is one of Australia’s leading cloud computing service provider. As an IT managed service provider, we make sure that our clients get the best technical solutions to meet their growing business needs and cloud computing is an effective way to go. Traditionally, many companies would store in house different network equipment, server hardware, collaboration tools and what not.

Not only was this an expensive annual operational and capital expenditure, but the operation, maintenance, and upgrade of such equipment added another cost overhead. However, with cloud computing services, companies can save a lot by investing in an all rounded cloud solution.


Disaster Recovery

Data breaches, denial of service (DOS), man in the middle attacks, and phishing scams have become more common day by day. This not only affects individuals but big companies as well, with the loss of sensitive information and ransom attacks on different databases.

As such having a disaster recovery plan in place can save businesses not only money but protect their company’s reputation and infrastructure as well. Disaster recovery protocols can vary but one thing remains the same, having protection protocols is vital for any business operating in the digital domain.

In2Network provides the support and strategies to companies that want to protect their network and ensure data recovery strategies are set in place in case of any attack. Similarly, to mitigate the damage and risks involved, we work with clients to design their networks with the proper firewalls and security plans in place.

Secure and Efficient

Email and Data Migration

Migration of any sort of data can be a long process full of obstacles and something going wrong. However, that doesn’t mean it is impossible or that there are not ways and tools to speed up the process. As an IT managed service provider In2Network has been dealing in providing successful, seamless, and efficient email and data migrations for companies shifting towards new technologies or networks.

Whether you want to migrate your emails and data to a new domain or technology or shift towards the cloud, In2Network can provide the support to get the job done without much downtime. We provide cloud based migrations as well, along with meeting specific business demands as well.


Software Development

In2Network provides bespoke, customised software development for its clients in different industries. Whether our clients require new features in existing applications, or require a new software program developed, our team of skilled developers, designers, and testers are capable to carry out software development in the web, mobile, and hardware domain as well.

When it comes to software development, our team uses the best software practises of today in an agile environment to ensure the timely delivery of deliverables, and a viable product. At In2Networks our developers view software development as an art, and when it comes to solving problems presented by our clients, they approach complex problems by solving them with innovative and creative solutions.

Real Time Location Data

Mapping & GIS

When it comes to maximising the use of data to make better, informed business decisions, there is one portion of data information that companies often overlook. There are more than 21.5 billion interconnected devices around the world, and information from these devices can make a huge impact on the type of decisions different industries take. That is why companies should start leveraging the data gathered from the environment with the help of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and mapping. This powerful technology allows companies to visualise environmental, demographical, even topographical data to get a better understanding of their customers and their needs.

CCTV Installations

Running a business in today’s volatile and ever changing landscape is not easy, especially when there are many risks involved that can affect your employees, your office premises, and even assets. However, there are many actions that you can take to ensure the safety and security of your staff and office building.

Installing CCTV cameras at your office location, can help your security team to monitor not only the incoming and outgoing of people to the company building, but also help the keep watch of any illegal or abnormal activity happening outside. CCTV cameras are especially helpful when you have an important delegation coming or the transportation of valuable assets.

Future Proof Technologies

Digital Transformation

If you take a look back just 15 years on how businesses operated, you will find a stark difference. While social media and the digital age may seem like they have been in our lives forever, the speed with which consumer behaviours and demands have changed, has forced businesses to innovate, catch up and get started on a digital transformation.

Whether you’re a small business or not, digital transformation is imperative if you wish you to expand, grow your brand and increase revenue. For many the two words “digital transformation” may seem like buzzwords that can have no impact or relation to their industry, but digitalisation is taking place in almost everywhere.  


Digital Marketing

In2Network Pty Ltd isn’t just your average IT Services and Solutions company, we are an end-to-end solutions provider which includes managing the operation of the core IT functions of businesses, as well as providing them the tools and services to create a brand.

Our service eco-system includes supporting the backbone of a business and helping them translate their vision and mission to their customers with the help of digital marketing. In2Networks is your one stop shop for all your IT and marketing needs and are ready to support any business by becoming their digital marketing partner.

Strength in Visibility


More controls don’t mean more security. Most organisations don’t understand the need of better visibility in terms of their data leakage and their domains. In reality, threat actors are consistently looking for anything outside of the ordinary to exploit the organisations for their gain. So, strength lies in visibility of the complete picture of the environment. To achieve that, organisations can put up network traffic analysis tools, to make sure that there is no malicious traffic coming inside. Other than that, organisations can also put-up IDS, IPS that play key roles in strengthen the visibility of the organisation.

Process & Compliance

ISO 27001 Info Security

Here at In2Networks, we’re here to help create a collaborative partnership between our auditors and our clients and explain exactly what you’re business requires to get ISO 27001 InfoSec certified and work with you to keep the IT Security certification process as simple as possible. Demonstrate compliance and commitment to best information security management practices to external stakeholders including your customers and clients, competitors, government and external bodies with ISO 27001 certification. 

I2Nybercrime is a threat to all the organizations, but when we take in consideration the financial market the level of menace increases increases exponentially. Today banks and other financial organizations face the need of providing the best possible services in the best possible way and reachable by everyone everywhere. We are watching to a spread of different products and services being available through the use.

Cybercrime is a threat to all the organizations, but when we take in consideration the financial market the level of menace increases increases exponentially. Today banks and other financial organizations face the need of providing the best possible services in the best possible way and reachable by everyone everywhere. We are watching to a spread of different products and services being available through the use.

  1. Digital project planning and resourcing
  2. In-House digital consulting
  3. Permanent and contract recruitement
  4. Developers and technical architects
  • Digital project planning and resourcing
  • In-House digital consulting
  • Permanent and contract recruitement
  • Developers and technical architects
  • Digital project planning and resourcing
  • In-House digital consulting
  • Permanent and contract recruitement
  • Developers and technical architects
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