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Running a business today means that you’ll most likely be using some variation of cloud services to meet your business needs. And if you’re not, then our post will convince you otherwise. One of the main benefits that has skyrocketed Cloud computing product’s popularity is the cost effective nature of these solutions, and Microsoft Azure stands out among them.

Whether you’re looking to host your website online, provide solutions and services to your clients in an “easy to access” manner, or make sure that your team can collaborate and work together either in person or remotely, Microsoft Azure is the perfect solution. As a powerful tool, Azure provides a huge list of options to companies that need a customised solution for their business needs.

You can easily configure Microsoft Azure’s products and collaboration tool to your needs, and when it comes to hosting one or multiple sites, azure has got you covered. Not only are you able to manage virtual machines for software development, but databases and websites as well. Companies can easily host their required sites in groups and scale them accordingly as well.

As a Managed IT Service provider, In2Networks provides its clients with the best configurations so that they can maximise the benefits from Microsoft Azure and meet their business goals. There are two types of web hosting available with Azure mainly: static web hosting and dynamic web hosting. Depending on your business needs, In2Networks can help you figure out the right package.

However, regardless of your choice, hosting your website on Azure has many befits including:


Microsoft Azure is flexible enough that users can deploy and change their websites without any downtime. Furthermore, you can easily add new features or services to your website independently and scale them accordingly. With Azure you’re not bound to conditions that stop your business from releasing new products, you can easily share new functions whenever required.

Cost Effective

like we mentioned earlier, adopting towards the cloud is a cost effective strategy both short term and long term. Using Azure will make sure that you’re saving up on the cost of installing different hardware equipment and paying the annual fees of operating, maintaining and upgrading such equipment.

Recovery Management

When you’re dealing with software solutions disaster management is always a top priority to keep in mind because you can never predict data loss. However, with Azure you have a decentralised infrastructure with data spread across multiple locations and databases so that recovery and disaster management is quick and easily retrievable.


Scalability is the best feature of Azure as it a viable solution for both small businesses and already established companies. Whether you have 10 users or 10 million, your solutions can easily be upgraded and scaled for growth. If you’re looking to host your websites on Microsoft Azure contact in2Network for the best configuration in Australia.

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