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What happens when the software applications and collaboration tools your company is using to increase productivity stop proving to be collaborative? Technology has changed the way solutions are designed and delivered, but that doesn’t mean they are 100% fool proof. In such cases how does a company set up a contingency plan? How can you ensure that a work day is not impacted if your main devices and solutions stop working?

You need a remote help desk technical support team!

Now you may be wondering what that is and how can you establish a help desk team for your company? Well to start off with, a help desk technical support is a group of agents that are trained to provide remote support to your employees. Regardless of your employee’s location, remote help desk agents can technically assist in any matter regarding software applications that are being used or business processes and SOPs.

A remote helpdesk is the solution to the time wasted on waiting for the physical presence of an agent to fix any issues an employee is facing while using company’s system. Remote help desks provide on demand solution and help save cost, time and productivity. Whether you’re a small business or handle a large team, a remote helpdesk can provide immense support especially if your resources work remotely.

Setting up a remote help desk isn’t a difficult task, many managed IT Service providers have the resources and experience to help large organisations with their tech needs. Similarly, In2Networks is providing remote help desk solutions to many companies in different industries for many years now.

Figuring out the type of help desk solution you need depends on:

  • Understanding the workload your employees face and the regular occurrence of support they will require.
  • Understanding the importance and usability of your help desk. It is easy to underestimate the need for a help desk solution and employ agents without the relevant experience.
  • Do you have remote employees? If so how many and where are they located. Remote help desk solutions are essential if your company runs fully remotely or employs remote resources. As such a remote help desk solution can provide support even if there is time zone difference.
  • Decide the type of help desk support your employees will need from self-service help, fixing software tools used or non-IT related support.
  • If you are a growing company having a scalable remote help desk solution can help you scale smoothly as the help desk team will grow at the same time.

Regardless of how big or small your company is a help desk can be extremely beneficial if you have a growing company, for more information on how to start a remote help desk solution contact In2Network today.

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