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Data breaches and attacks are increasing day by day, forcing companies to rethink their network security protocols and taking steps to reduce risks. There is no denying the consequences of a network attack in terms of the financial hit, the exploitation of an infrastructure’s weakness, and the damage to a company’s reputation.

Fixing these consequences can take a toll on any business, which is why making sure that you have contingency plans already in place can allow for faster risk mitigation and securing sensitive end points. Data breaches and network attacks are happening to big companies all over, and 2020 has a seen an increase in such attacks. However, with the right security checks and protocols in place, the negative consequences of these attacks can be thwarted and reduced.

As a Managed IT Service provider, In2Networks closely with different clients to provide a network security and risk mitigation solution that will ensure their businesses can resist different attacks, and not be impacted financially or structurally. While these days, digital attacks on networks and servers are becoming more sophisticated, we are committed to refine our defence solutions and reduce the amount of time it takes to mitigate the damage.

Regardless, companies no matter how big or small, need to invest in a network security and risk mitigation strategies that won’t put them in a vulnerable position to be exploited. Similarly, compliance and regulation standards need to be met to not only conform to privacy of consumer information, but the protection of proprietary data as well.

There are different types of attack a company can face such as phishing attacks that can leave malware in the network, often mailed to internal email IDs of employees. There is also Denial of Service (DOS) attack that can shut down service or a website for hours or days. Similarly, identity theft is also a serious cybercrime that is quite prevalent these days.

With proper cybersecurity checks and protocols in place, companies can protect themselves. In2Network provides endpoint security solutions such as anti-malware across all network endpoints so that the entire network is not infected by any sort of malware. Similarly, providing packet forwarding tools to prevent man in the middle attacks and much more.

To know more about our network security and risk mitigations processes, contact the In2Network team to setup a meeting and discuss a way forward.

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