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What is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services allow businesses to outsource the installation, operation, maintenance, and upgrade of their various IT functions. It helps businesses to not only reduce the cost of storing different network equipment, servers, hardware etc in-house, but also reduce the expense of maintaining them. While Managed IT Services might seem something that big companies would gravitate towards, even new businesses or start-ups can gain many benefits from hiring a third party IT Service provider to support and maintain their IT infrastructure. With the help of a Managed IT Service team, companies don’t have to invest into hiring resources specifically for the maintenance of different IT equipment, or train employees who lack an IT background.

In our digital age of ultra-fast connectivity and absorption of information at an alarming speed, companies are required to not only keep up with the changing demands of their customers but also keep up with the pace at which technology is changing. Business processes weren’t what they used to be even 15 years ago and thanks to the way technology keeps on innovating and changing, companies need an infrastructure that is flexible and scalable.

That is where Managed IT Service providers come in!

They not only help businesses expand their infrastructure and scale their services, but IT Service providers also make sure that there is less risk involved with it comes to dealing with software and hardware equipment. Cyberattacks and data breaches are becoming more common these days, and customers expect the protection of their sensitive information as well compliance.

With the help of IT Service providers, companies are able to reduce risk, mitigate vulnerabilities in their systems, increase productivity across the work chain, and keep their customers happy as well. Whether you’re in hospitality, retail, E-commerce, tech, education or the Government, you need an IT Service provider to keep you up to speed with the changing needs of your customers and trends.

IT Service providers provide a whole range of services, and In2Network makes sure that our clients get an end to end solution that is customised for their business niche. Such as:

  • Installation of software and hardware equipment onsite
  • Providing support during afterhours and holiday season
  • 24/7 help desk support remotely.
  • Digital transformation including shifting towards cloud computing
  • Providing email and data migration support
  • Helping businesses translate their mission to their customer by partnering with them as digital marketers

As you may have seen from the above points, Managed IT Services can be as complex or as simple according to the business needs. More importantly, IT service providers take care of the backbone of any business so that everything runs smoothly from the front end.

If you are seriously looking to invest into outsourcing your IT operations to a Managed Service Provider, then look no further than In2Networks that has been operating and supporting business across Australia for more than 18 years now. To know more about our packages and how you can get started contact our team to setup a meeting.

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