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Partnering with ReaQta, In2Networks’ Managed Security operation center is designed to administer cliental security needs and demands. Significantly, it possesses the attribute to detect and respond to spiteful and unconventional activities transversely through servers,

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    Autonomous Detection & Response with ReaQta


    Supercharge Your Legacy Security with ReaQta-Hive

    To detect and respond to threats intelligently and vigilantly, while helping organisations to build advanced, high tech, robust pillars to secure networks, servers, gadgets, windows, clouds, and virtual settings from unwanted, suspicious, malicious movements and activities is our mission here at In2Networks.

    Partnering with ReaQta, In2Networks’ Managed Security operation center is designed to administer cliental security needs and demands. Significantly, it possesses the attribute to detect and respond to spiteful and unconventional activities transversely through servers, virtual environments, gadgets, drives, and networks. In addition, managed SOC caters clients with 24/7/365 cyber security observance, along with a team of Security analysts and expert security engineers.

    By assisting with the best possible cyber security tools like Managed SOC to the organisations, ReaQta assures the safety and confidentiality of the organisation model. Consequently, delivering an excellent cyber security portfolio for the consumers.


    As threat actors constantly advance their digital assault techniques, organisations ought to focus on the improvement of their security framework to ensure the protection of their critical resources, intellectual property, and large business operations. Making yourself aware of these ongoing attacks is key – specifically with more businesses moving to a work from home model in response to the coronavirus pandemic. As these kinds of security threats can’t be forestalled or even recognised by technology, the solitary compelling answer for mitigating these attacks is to guarantee that your clients know about these sorts of attacks in any case. Additionally, on the grounds that anybody with an organisation-associated PC or cell phone can be designated, and on the grounds that cybercriminals will persevere relentlessly to take your information or extortion your organisation, security mindfulness counseling is significant. Without an implanted culture of network safety mindfulness and implementation, those extravagant and costly firewalls and painstakingly arranged strategies won’t do you much good. It is a better approach to find your own weaknesses before the hackers do.


    Powerful, blazing-fast and easy-to-use. ReqaQta’s leading Autonomous Detection & Response platform is designed to help every security team do their best work.


    ReaQta has helped organisations across key industries such as government, manufacturing and finance, to consistently stay ahead of attackers and secure business continuity.


    ReaQta-Hive offers full visibility over the infrastructure, allowing real-time queries to the endpoints, extended searches for both IOCs and behavioral indicators, together with advanced data-mining for discovery of dormant threats.

    A unique NanoOS offers an unprecedented level of detail to the analysts and, at the same time, a barrier extremely difficult to overcome for the attackers. Two different sets of engines apply state-of-the-art machine learning to applications’ behaviors, automatically alerting about active or emerging threats without need for prior knowledge of the attacks. This signature-less approach, combined with an A.I. driven behavioral analysis, ensures that threats are detected independently of their delivery techniques and payload types.

    Powered by AI

    Artificial Intelligence detection engines are used both on the endpoints and at the infrastructural level to identify new patterns of attack, anomalous activities and lateral movements. The flexibility provided by continuous learning A.I. allows for the detection of new techniques and previously unknown threats, that would otherwise escape detection from legacy solutions. A comprehensive early-warning system automatically identifies potential emerging threats, allowing the security teams to perform a full security assessment ahead of time.


    Protection from Ransomware is guaranteed by a dedicated dynamic behavioral analysis engine, capable of detecting ransomware and crypto-based attacks without interruption of the business continuity. ReaQta-Hive automatically detects and blocks the ransomware without requiring any human interaction, preventing data loss and saving valuable time to security teams.

    Rapid Incident Response

    A highly automated process guarantees a response time down to the minute. There’s no need for additional security personnel, the analysis process is made simple and streamlined: the clean UI drives the analysts toward the most important events, while the A.I. automatically reconstructs the incident, assessing its scope and impact on the infrastructure.

    Threat Hunting

    Unleash the full power of ReaQta-Hive engines by searching your whole infrastructure for presence of specific Indicators of Compromise (IOC), binaries and behaviors in real-time. Automated data mining enables the discovery of dormant threats waiting to be activated. Hunting down on threats is not just simple, but effective and incredibly fast.

    End-to-End Security

    ReaQta-Hive was designed to be complete all-in-one endpoint security solution for organisations. By coupling the Hive Guard Anti-Malware module with the next-gen EDR platform, customers are essentially safe-guarded from any known and unknown threat in a single dashboard. The fully integrated, end-to-end security platform allows analysts to do their best work without the hassle.


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