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Who is Yealink?

Yealink is a global brand that specialises in video conferencing, audio communications, and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, cutting-edge technology, and a simple user interface. In more than 140 nations and areas, as one of the greatest providers. Yealink recognizes the necessity of good workplace communication. Every product’s user-friendly design, deep functionality, and breakthrough value for money bring their slogan of simple collaboration and high productivity to life.

Yealink is also a firm believer in creativity and innovation. Yealink has created panoramic audio and video conferencing collaboration solution by combining its cloud services with a series of endpoint solutions, using unique technological patents in cloud computing, audio, video, and image processing technologies.

Yealink is a prominent global provider of unified communication (UC) terminal solutions, specializing in video conferencing and audio communication. Customers in over 100 countries benefit from the company’s high-quality UC terminal solutions, which improve work efficiency and competitiveness. Yealink is the second-largest SIP phone provider in the world and the market leader in China.

Several Yealink phones and terminals have been certified to work with Microsoft Teams, making the user experience easier. Using Yealink technology in conjunction with the Teams platform improves the solution’s capabilities and allows users to collaborate more organically.


Yealink ranked first in the global SIP phone shipment market thanks to the great popularity of its T2 and T4 series. Yealink created the T5 Business Phone Series in response to rapidly changing trends in the business communications industry and to meet the rising collaboration needs of its customers. Integrated communication and collaboration are no longer a niche demand; they are now required for every corporate office to succeed.

Yealink, as a leading global provider of enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, provides the best IP endpoints with superior user experiences and believes that the introduction of the T5 Business Phone Series will provide the best personalized collaboration experience and boost productivity and team performance.

The BYOD videoconferencing kits from Yealink are specifically intended to work with nearly any laptop running any of several unified communications meeting platforms, including Teams, Skype for Business, and Zoom, to mention a few. The benefits of BYOD can thus overflow into company huddles and conference rooms with Yealink’s comprehensive suite of BYOD products. BYOD conference room kits are designed to connect to any laptop via a USB cable and be ready to use in seconds.

The BYOD trend is an important business philosophy with significant financial and operational benefits, but it is also a growing trend in the IT industry as a whole. As a result of these advantages, Yealink offers BYOD-centered video conferencing solutions that can be used for everything from personal web conferencing to big conference rooms.

The Yealink CP960 is a mid-to-large-sized meeting room conference phone with enterprise-grade features. THANKS TO HARMAN-CO-ENGINEERED SPEAKERPHONE PARTS; the CP960 sets new sound quality standards and immerses conference attendees in every debate. The CP960 is ideal for day-to-day business conference talks due to its extended range and dead-zone-free voice pickup combined with Yealink’s Noise Proof technology.

Yealink, a global leader in enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, recently announced that the UVC20 webcam had been validated for usage with Zoom, allowing users to have a fantastic personal video experience. The UVC20 allows for genuinely simple, convenient, and efficient video time without the constraints of a complicated environment or manual operation. Even in low-light or backlit situations, Smart Light optimizes the image for the best results.

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