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After a long period of research and development, NuGenesis introduced its native blockchain on 1st July 2021. NuGenesis aims to provide a completely new future for blockchain communities.
NuGenesis is a decentralized blockchain system that incorporates artificial intelligence.

The main objective behind the development of NuGenesis is to develop a system that can break the barriers in the adoption of the cryptocurrency ecosystem globally. It also addresses the limitations associated with blockchain technology. Some features and innovations of the NuGenesis network are briefly discussed below.

The quad cross chain configuration of the NuGenesis network is composed of the Ledger X, the main NuGenesis blockchain, the bitcoin chain, and the Ethereum chain. This cross-chain network maximizes efficacy for social and commercial applications. Since there is no limit on the number of chains that can be crossed, parallel processing is the main feature that creates a directly proportional relationship between the number of users and transaction speed.
Since there is no middleman involved in transactions, all information is in the hands of the user. Users can sell their services without any fear of scams. The main advantage is avoiding middlemen costs, without the leakage that currently is drained by exchange costs and liquidity pools. Implementing “zero knowledge proof” has maximized data privacy and made offline processing possible through satellite technology.

Why NuGenesis?

Undoubtedly, NuGenesis is a ground-breaking technology that eliminates over-reliance on human resources resulting in improved efficiency. Some of its key features are discussed below.


One of the fantastic features of NuGenesis is unlimited scalability, which is a demand of mainstream society. Transaction speeds are in millions per second, meeting the expectations of the mainstream.

No Computing Constraints

Depending on how active a project is to the NuGenesis platform, there is no limitation on the number of slots issued. This is also one of the significant differences between NuGenesis and other projects available in the market. Meaningful projects will be approved as NuChains.

Parallel Processing

Since the network is capable of parallel processing, it can handle an infinite number of chains. However, it will take some time to customize each blockchain.

Gasless Transactions

Adoption of NuGenesis makes the system secure, stable, and scalable. Blockchain networks using NuGenesis configuration are entirely gas-less.

No Pre-minting of Coins

NuCoin is a system-minted protocol on a prebuilt structure. There is no precreation of coins; instead, the coins are minted by the system and are distributed according to the economic conditions such that the whole ecosystem reaps the benefit.

Validation Monitoring

NuGenesis network uses NuGenesis’ Artificial Validation Intelligence System (NAVIS), a unique system based on artificial intelligence, to ensure that the network’s security protocols are strictly followed. The system uses proof of authority to validate the nodes of a blockchain.

User-friendly Interface

NuCoin, the blockchain of NuGenesis, is very user-friendly and provides a complete platform for government and corporate applications.

Use-cases of NuGenesis

NuGenesis has made a massive contribution in the field of crypto technology, making ground-breaking innovations possible. Some real-world applications of NuGenesis are discussed below.

  • Governmental Entities and the Corporate Sector
    The NuGenesis blockchain technology targets issues in government and commercial applications resulting in freedom from overreliance on POS and POW and eliminating human intervention. Eradication of POS, POW, and human resources results in energy efficiency. Hence, the NuGenesis ecosystem is entirely gas-less, green, and free from carbon emissions.
  • Legal Systems
    The NuGenesis system is fully compatible with legal systems around the world. A significant contribution of NuGenesis is that crypto-friendly laws are in process across various countries to give legal support for innovations in crypto technology.
  • Innovation for Miners
    The reward system is based on equality, ensuring that every effort of miners yields a reward (NuCoin). Mining is done within seconds using computers, and all members of the community earn NuCoin.
  • Smart Payment System
    NuGenesis is developing a new wallet, called the NuLedger wallet, replacing traditional hard wallets. This wallet is capable of processing online and offline. Any coin on the NuGenesis network can be used as a payment coin, and the central ledger is updated continuously when the wallets are online. The NuLedger can has the potential to be used as a smart payment system for global transactions.
  • Digitalisation of Assets
    Originally, NuGenesis Network was designed to digitalize assets for fund management and raising capital. The original NuGenesis chain was then modified to build a blockchain designed to be a Central Bank Digital Currencies (CDBC’s).

Smart Contracts

NuChain enables the functionality of smart contracts, which are simply predefined programs that trigger a certain condition. It helps automate agreements in which all participants benefit when a condition comes true without any human intervention.

Digital Notarised Contracts (DNC’s) are fully-fledged contracts that use nanotechnology and RFIDs to interact with the physical world to preserve the integrity of valuable items.

Serialised Notarised Digital Assets (SNDA’s) are contracts in which each coin has an individual and unique identity used to recover lost mnemonic phrases after death. SNDA’s is an innovation in the notary section allowing a user to have a multi-signature account.

Blockchain Solutions with NuGenesis

NuGenesis creates a parallel blockchain network that works in a single ecosystem of blockchains. It mitigates the hassle of mining practices and uses USI (unique serial identifiers).

Multiple new blockchain solutions are proposed to deal with the existing challenges faced in the current blockchain implementations. One example of a blockchain solution with NuGenesis is designing a perfect legal and technical framework for banking contracts.

Moreover, several smart contracts and advanced smart contract platforms are also in the scope of the current platform. NuGenesis blockchain system is designed to be as close to gasless and use NuCoin as a payment coin to process the service.

In NuGenesis, exchange of value is possible without using tokens because NuGenesis blockchains support token-less exchanges for almost anything of any value.

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