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As a Managed IT Service provider to different companies and business across Australia, In2Networks understands the shifting trends of technology and how they impact different business processes in a company.

Therefore, we keep our eyes out for the best products that can support your eco-system, such as:

Autonomous Detection and Response Platform


To detect and respond to threats intelligently and vigilantly, while helping organisations to build advanced, high tech, robust pillars to secure networks, servers, gadgets, windows, clouds, and virtual settings from unwanted, suspicious, malicious movements and activities is our mission here at In2Networks.

Partnering with ReaQta, In2Network’s Managed Security operation center is designed to administer cliental security needs and demands. Significantly, it possesses the attribute to detect and respond to spiteful and unconventional activities transversely through servers, virtual environments, gadgets, drives, and networks. In addition, managed SOC caters clients with 24/7/365 cyber security observance, along with a team of Security analysts and expert security engineers.

Security Solutions and Video Management


In2Networks provides the installation, operation and maintenance of IndigoVision survellaince products that help businesses to not only be vigilant about their company premises but maintain security for the protection of employees, valuable assets and information as well.

IndigoVision provides end to end IP security solutions that range from providing UX, BX, GX cameras, convert any currently installed analog cameras to IP, provide complete access to manage camera footage, alarms, and third party systems all from one place. Similarly, In2Networks also provides a seamless integration of IndigoVision products into your company’s access control module for managing fire detection alarms, perimeter detection and more.

GIS and Location Analytics Technologies


Esri provides real time mapping and spatial analytical software that help companies in different industries take important decisions regarding their communities in an informed manner. Esri uses ArcGISs applications that combines mapping and data analytics to provide companies with information to solve complex problems and answer questions of “what is happening? and how should one respond?”

Esri can be used by companies in various industries from health, petroleum, public safety, transportation and more. In2Network can provide a seamless integration of Esri’s GIS system for your business. To know more about how Esri can fit into your business domain, contact us today to know more.



Through the power of geospatial data and an AI driven algorithm, EOSDA provides real time data to make decisions according to the changing landscape both environmentally and digitally. You can use EOSDA technology in different industries including agriculture, oil and gas, forestry and more. Not only will EOSDA allow businesses to flourish that rely on the environment but also provide real time data to be used while making important business decisions.

To get started with EOSDA or to know how it can benefit your business domain, contact our team to setup a meeting. In2Networks is fully capable to handle all requirements.

Secure Integrated Office 365 Apps

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 provides many a number of collaboration tools and applications that can help companies to define, automate and stimulate various business processes and logic. While, this suite is a powerful collection of applications that can improve productivity and communication company wide, there can be issues managing the Microsoft 365 environment.

Managed IT Service providers like In2Networks provides support in overcoming the complexities of running the numerous apps and services within this suite, and making sure that the right ones are deployed for our client’s needs. Similarly, when it comes to managing the security for the end users and devices; regular updates are a vital part of managing Microsoft 365.

In2Networks is capable of providing a full eco-system support for Microsoft 365.

About Us

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft unveiled Teams during an event in New York, and the service went live on March 14, 2017, all around the world. Microsoft corporate vice president Brian MacDonald leads the team, which was developed at an internal hackathon at the company’s headquarters. Microsoft Teams is a GitHub Electron Framework Web-based desktop application that blends the chrome rendered engine and the JavaScript ion Node.js platform.

Microsoft Teams is a Microsoft-developed proprietary business communication platform that is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of products. Microsoft Teams is a chat-based, persistent collaboration platform that includes document sharing, online meetings, and many other essential capabilities for business communications. Finally, organizations should use Microsoft Teams because of its user-friendliness. In addition to projects, Microsoft Teams can also be used for productions and other business-related activities.

Microsoft Teams
Cloud Computing Services

Microsoft Azure

One of in2Networks specialities includes the migration of a business’s infrastructure towards cloud computing. Our expertise includes the deployment of Microsoft Azure according to the business needs and configuring a solution that matches the business logic as well.

With Azure there are many solutions that can be incorporated such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (Saas) and more. However, figuring out the right solution for your business demand will ensure the value you get from Azure. Contact In2Network today to help you maximise the solutions from Azure for your business.

Computer Systems


When it comes to dealing with Apple related hardware and software, there is no better IT Service provider than In2Network. We help companies unleash the true potential of their talent by ensuring that the tools, applications and devices they use work at full capacity. As such, In2Network is fully capable of provide helpdesk solutions and support for companies using MacOS and different Apple products.

From providing afterhours support to ensuring that any bugs or errors while using different desktop solutions or gadgets are resolved and mitigated as soon as possible. To employ In2Network for handling the helpdesk solutions of your Apple devices contact us today to know more.

Networking Solutions


To create secure, reliable, flexible, and scalable networks companies require technology which is equally robust and sustainable. Using Fortigate to create a secure, profitable and scalable network is one of the best choices as they are one of the leading names in providing efficient infrastructures for companies.

In2Network has a highly capable team fully versed in Fortigate products that can help you figure out the right architecture and requirement for your business needs and processes. In2Network partners with various clients to provide highly scalable, mass scale networks using the technology provided by Fortigate. To get started on creating a viable network for your company, let’s talk on how we can help you execute your vision.

Business Communication Solutions


For efficient connectivity and communication among your employees and clients, 3CX provides state of the art VoIP solutions that are convenient and fast. Their products range from providing public switched telephone network (PSTN), and providing support for SIP Trunking Services as well.

In2Networks is one of the leading 3CX service providers in Australia where our services include helping clients establish a secure, reliable, efficient VoIP network using 3CX products, setting up on premise phone system, locally hosting PBX so that our clients have full control. For more information, contact In2Network’s team today to get started.

Outsourcing IT services is not only a cost effective move, but it allows businesses to ensure security, face less operating risks, and get the best out of the latest technologies without having to invest thousands without any knowledge. In2Networks provides not only support for IT functions, but an end to end solution that includes everything that is necessary for your business.

From providing the installation of new software/hardware equipment, the maintenance and regular upgrades for network services, providing cloud computing packages, and customised MSP packages for businesses of varying scales. Furthermore, we also help companies complete a thorough digital transformation as well as partner with them for digital marketing.

In2Network is a versatile Managed IT Service Provider as our list of services range on the entire spectrum of operating a successful business from the back end to the front end as well. We have been operating for more than 18 years now and won’t be stopping our after hours and remote support to various clients.

You can become one of them, contact us today to learn more.

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