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As an Managed IT Service Provider, one of our main service includes providing clients with the tools that will let them keep track of the vendors they deal with. Furthermore, we work with our clients to create a vendor management process that is trackable, tangible, and accessible. As such IT procurement and vendor management becomes less of costly task for many companies.

There is no denying the importance of IT functions for a company regardless of their industry. As businesses are moving towards digital transformation, automating their business processes, and adapting their culture to a more digital workflow, the cost of maintaining these processes can add up annually. That is why businesses prefer outsourcing the operation and maintenance of these IT tasks as it becomes less of an operational expense and more of an annual capital expenditure.

Similarly, when it comes to purchasing new IT devices, equipment, licenses or upgrades, having a proper platform where all previous information and new contracts can be stored in one place for the required personnel to gain access. In2Network is committed to providing our clients with the necessary IT procurement and vender management products that can help them keep operating expense within budget.

We provide a number of tools that can be used for vendor management and IT procurement, along with customising these solutions for businesses of varying sizes. Whether you run a team of 10 or 100 or 1000, each company will require Managed IT services that will help them scale and function in our digital age. 

Let’s discuss your IT Procurement and vendor management strategy for a profitable and efficient business operation.

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