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Empower Your Security with IBM QRadar

Harness the power of advanced threat detection and cybersecurity intelligence with IBM QRadar. Stay one step ahead of cyber threats and secure your digital assets with a comprehensive and intuitive security solution.

Our Features

Advanced Threat Detection

IBM QRadar offers advanced threat detection capabilities, using AI and machine learning to analyse data across your entire infrastructure, identifying potential threats in real-time.

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Centralised Security Management

Consolidate your security operations with QRadar’s centralised platform, enabling you to monitor, analyse, and respond to threats from a single interface.

Actionable Insights

Gain valuable insights into your security posture with QRadar’s advanced analytics and reporting. Make informed decisions and prioritise actions to improve your organisation’s security.

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Microsoft Azure
IT Procurement
Microsoft Azure

Integration and Scalability

Seamlessly integrate QRadar into your existing security ecosystem and scale it to meet your organisation’s growing demands.

Real-Time Threat Intelligence

Leverage QRadar’s threat intelligence capabilities to receive real-time updates on the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities, allowing you to proactively defend against emerging risks.

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Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Choose from a range of customisable pricing plans that cater to your organisation’s specific security needs and budget. IBM QRadar offers flexibility without compromising on the level of protection.


/ month

Started Pack

All the basics for businesses that are getting started.


/ month

Standard Pack

Better for growing businesses that want more customers.


/ month

Enterprise Pack

Advance featured for pros who need more customisation.

Secure Your Business Today

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