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It was not too long ago that devices and gadgets used to be banned in schools, and now they have become a necessity to enhance the learning process. While over the past year, technology has become more ingrained in the learning process, schools and educational organisations have had a tough time scaling and meeting bandwidth demands for online schooling.

In2Networks understands the sensitivity involved in ensuring our kids don’t miss out on vital education that will help shape their future. Therefore, as an IT Service provider we help educational institutes develop educational platforms for their faculty and students, get the required licensing for different hardware and software products, as we all as operation and maintenance as well.

The administration of schools and colleges, are already working at full capacity to ensure a seamless school year, however, it can be easy for them to miss the security risks involved with remote learning. Outsourcing the IT functions and needs for your institutions helps your students and teachers remain safe from data breaches or invasive presence of trolls.

Furthermore, IT Service providers ensure that the school network remain secure and no one is able to gain access or tamper with sensitive information regarding student or staff information, examinations and more. Outsourcing various IT infrastructure related functions can help the education sector save on cost, ensure security and enhance the remote learning experience for everyone, and In2Network can help you accomplish it.

Let’s talk to talk to get your institute back on track towards a path of seamless connectivity and knowledge transfer for your students, faculty and administration alike.

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