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Data breaches, denial of service (DOS), man in the middle attacks, and phishing scams have become more common day by day. This not only affects individuals but big companies as well, with the loss of sensitive information and ransom attacks on different databases.

As such having a disaster recovery plan in place can save businesses not only money but protect their company’s reputation and infrastructure as well. Disaster recovery protocols can vary but one thing remains the same, having protection protocols is vital for any business operating in the digital domain.

In2Network provides the support and strategies to companies that want to protect their network and ensure data recovery strategies are set in place in case of any attack. Similarly, to mitigate the damage and risks involved, we work with clients to design their networks with the proper firewalls and security plans in place.

We are committed to providing cybersecurity to our clients in a cyber-landscape where individuals and companies are vulnerable to hacks and malware. This includes providing the awareness to identify phishing attacks, malware attachments, the severity of sharing sensitive information and much more.

Similarly, cybercrimes are not going anywhere therefore networks should be designed keeping in mind the need for scaling, flexibility for changes, and creating a decentralised design to reduce the time of recovery and disaster management. We provide complete support in monitoring, operating and analysing the network’s infrastructure and ensuring that it is performing optimally at all times.

 Segmentation of data storage, continuously providing internal checks for the network, and informing your employees of the risk associated with unsolicited communication can go a long way in preventing the exploitation of your network.

For more information on how to prevent attacks and create a disaster recovery strategy, In2Network is here to help. Contact us today.

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