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Cyber Awareness

What is Cyber Awareness?

Cyber awareness refers to the domain where how much the end users know about the risks and threats related to cyber security. This can vary from firm to firm and person to person as individual. For creating cyber awareness among employees or peers, there can be multiple methods. This can be done via conventional training programs or very specific to your business needs. For example, engaging high level executives for understanding of the threat landscape which can effectively corelate with the business requirements. Another example would be the better cyber security practices within the organisation in accordance with the reporting culture. This can create a massive difference as the employees would know the difference what to click and what not to ensure the safe environment of the company and the operations. Cyber awareness can also help employees outside of their work where they can safely manage their work-related stuff outside of the organisation along with their own personal security which includes sensitive (PII) and other data.

Strength in Visibility

More controls don’t mean more security. Most organisations don’t understand the need of better visibility in terms of their data leakage and their domains. In reality, threat actors are consistently looking for anything outside of the ordinary to exploit the organisations for their gain. So, strength lies in visibility of the complete picture of the environment. To achieve that, organisations can put up network traffic analysis tools, to make sure that there is no malicious traffic coming inside. Other than that, organisations can also put-up IDS, IPS that play key roles in strengthen the visibility of the organisation.

Effective Threat Investigation beyond Endpoint

Endpoint reduces the risk of threats and cyber-attacks against the organisation. Threat actors often use endpoints to enter to the corporate network to gain access and steal data, or keep the information hostage. An endpoint security requires a mixture of multiple solution to cater the needs of the organisation. This can include endpoint threat prevention, also known as (NGAV) next generation anti-virus to look out for potential threat actors via their signatures and their behavior-based activities. (EDR) endpoint detection and response can help negate the threats that slips under the NGAV. Vulnerability management also plays a huge role in this where endpoint vulnerability identification and prioritization ensure that the latest patches are updated and everything is running on the updated system so that there’s no chance for threat actors to take leverage of a vulnerable system.

How we can address your specific needs?

We can effectively monitor, detect and respond to the threats with the reduction of the overall impact on the business. This is for the operations and business before, during or after an incident. Provide you with the strong posture as an organisation where you can effectively run the operations hassle-free and ensure smooth productivity. We prioritise the threats and risks associated with the business and mitigate them before any incident. Implementing measures that can defend against the events that can turn up against the organisation and have a devastating impact on it.

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