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With the rapid speed at which technology is changing, businesses have been smart enough to see that in order to keep up with growing customer demand, there are ways to cut operational cost by shifting towards the cloud. In2Networks is committed to providing our clients with optimal cloud solutions that meets their business demands starting with a revamp of the PBX system.

Traditional PBX systems are costing companies thousands annually with the upkeep and maintenance. From managing different vendors, ordering parts to fix broken equipment at higher costs from third party sites, to system downtime which impact business goals; traditional PBX systems can’t keep up with an agile workplace.

Whether you’re a small business or a growing company having a cloud based PBX system for your internal team is vital for efficient collaboration and communication. But while traditional solutions can cause more obstacles than seamless communication, moving towards the cloud is a viable option.

In2Network has helped many clients transition towards a cloud PBX solution onprem, by installing, maintaining and providing after hours’ support. The case for cloud based PBX system is quite strong, and if you want to get started on a onprem cloud based PBX solution, we’re only one call away.

But coming back to the benefits of a Cloud based PBX solution, here are some points that can help change your mind:

Centralised Platform

With a cloud based PBX solution you will not be maintaining 10 different systems provided by third party IT service providers. All your communication tool will be centralised at one place for easy access, maintenance and configuration.

This includes a single platform for your audio and video conferencing, web meetings, online faxing, voicemail and other unified communication tools. Not only does it make things easier for your employees but your clients as well.


Anything that is related to cloud computing means you won’t have a problem scaling when your demand increases. The same goes for communication systems especially PBX solutions that needs to grow at the same speed as your company. Cloud computing offers the solution of scaling at a flexible manner without impacting the workflow.

Reduced Cost

The cost of maintaining, operating, installing and supporting traditional PBX systems reduces immensely when you shift towards the cloud. There is no denying how the cost reduces when you’re using a single IT Service Provider maintaining your PBX system through the cloud with all features and functions available at one point.

Multi-site Management

Whether your company operates out of a single location or multiple sites, managing different PBX solutions through one platform will help you save time, effort and cost. Similarly, you can easily include another new location through cloud based PBX onprem solutions.

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